About Us

Who Is WIS International?

WIS International is one of the leading global inventory and data collection services companies.  Using our internally developed software, patented hardware and skilled workforce, we provide physical inventory counting, merchandising and space optimization services to the majority of leading retailers worldwide.  WIS International maintains an industry reputation for many first-ever, proprietary technology innovations including the integrated, single-handed inventory count terminal.

Being first to market does not mean that we stop innovating.  Our drive to enable our employees to exceed customer expectations is why we will always invest in ongoing technology advancements that benefit both parties.

We have continuously operated for more than 60 years, currently have over 15,000 employees, 225 offices and provide services to 4,500 clients+. WIS International helps our customers to increase accuracy, reduce costs and save management time.

Our Technology​


Speed and accuracy. WIS handheld devices, including inventory scanners and tablet applications, are designed specifically to accurately capture inventory data.


Powerful and effective. We invest in equipment, processes and whatever the future may bring. We continue to improve existing tools and develop solutions for emerging trends.


Accurate and secure. We participate in independent, annual SSAE 16 assessments. This represents our focus on data security, process controls and compliance.​​

Our Leadership​

Jim Rose

Chief Executive Officer

Richard Baxter

Chief Financial Officer

Waseem Bawa

Chief Operating Officer

Bill McDonald

Chief Information Officer

Steve Smith

Executive Vice President, Account Management

Chris Ponder

Vice President, Human Resources

Tom Miller

General Counsel